Specialty Insulated Doors is an Original Equipment Manufacturer and installer of Cold Storage, Controlled Atmosphere, Bi-Parting and Walk-in Man Doors for temperature controlled facilities.

The door business came out of decades of sealing and testing controlled atmosphere rooms and repairing a variety of existing doors.  It was from those experiences and our customers input in 2010 that Specialty Insulated Doors began developing a superior product to meet the needs of our customers.

Another exciting phase of research and development continues as we strive to improve the quality and timeliness of each door by manufacturing all of our own parts.

With the control of fabricating the parts we make, we are able to offer quality replacement parts in a timely manner.  We are also able to service all other brands of doors.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

Fabricating doors in shop, in Yakima, WA.

Each door is carefully handcrafted.

Installing a retro-fit interior mount automatic Bi-parting Door.

Carefully lifting the panels into place.

Checking the fit and making sure the door glides easily.

Finished installation of the retro-fit interior mount automatic Bi-parting door.

We pledge to provide quality, cost effective products and services to every customer and to represent our industry with integrity and responsibility.