STANDARD ROUGH OPENING: Width 9’ 6” X 12’ 0” Height
STANDARD DOOR SIZE: Width 10’ 0” X 12’ 2” Height

Technical Specifications:

Door thickness 4” R-32 urethane core
Door Skin White embossed 24 gauge steel
Edge cap 22 gauge galvanized steel
Seam sealant Triple Seal-butyl/urethane/butyl
Access Door Opening W=30” H=54”
Porthole 8” round with clear lens
Aluminum floor angle 3/8”x 4 x 4 (standard)
Weight 550 pounds
Galvanized Hardware and Track Assembly

Specialty Insulated Controlled Atmosphere Doors are:
High thermal value, lighter weight, larger access door opening for ease of egress (bottom of door is 14” from floor-optional sizes available), porthole for viewing, testing, ventilation, lighter weight aluminum floor angle for easier handling.  Enclosed track and trolley roller systems for both large door and access door to eliminate the doors from accidental dismounting from the track.  Also from freezing to track.

Insulation R-32: High R value provides excellent thermal performance.

Product Quality: The parts made at our facility provides us higher quality control and quick turnaround.

Customer service: We pledge to serve our customers in a professional and timely manner.

Installation: The doors will be professionally installed by our trained staff.

Add-ons: (Refer to parts and service tab) Open and Danger Placard for door, Black vinyl Door number – 2” X 12”, Door Stop Bumper – Caution Yellow Powder Coated, Bolt rack – For series 1 door, Inclement Weather Hoods, Ventilation Screen.

Coming Soon!

We’re excited to begin constructing and developing a Control Atmosphere Door we’ve named “Series 2.”  This door is being redesigned to provide a time saving system of over center latches.  Resulting in no more bolting and unbolting your CA door during the busy harvest season.

We will let you know when this door is ready for you to see.